Photo © Susan Wilson

"I am so grateful for the growing confidence I feel in my playing and faith I now have in my continuing progress.Thanks so very much for being the patient, wise, and caring teacher that you are.....It's a pleasure to study with you!"

Susan Farber

Photo © Susan Wilson

“Rebecca's warmth, patience, and incredible talent are an added gift to every lesson.”

Lisa Porter

"You bring big bushels of great music" 

Anna, age 7

My diverse background as educator, professional violist, and music director of Riverview Chamber Players enables me to provide you with a rich musical experience – one that moves beyond technical skills and into the joy of playing.

I promise to:

  • Create a comfortable and supportive environment in which mistakes are just part of the learning process.

  • Encourage you to laugh, ask questions, and explore.

  • Adapt my teaching approach to your learning style.

  • Use a combination of movement and clapping to teach you rhythm.

  • Teach you scales and arpeggios and demonstrate how they apply to the music you are playing. 

  • Emphasize pattern recognition in rhythms, notes, and phrases. 

  • Explain the meaning of musical symbols and help you recognize them in new pieces of music.

  • Focus on correct movement and physical posture to avoid pain or injury.

  • Train you in excellent technique.

  • Play duets with you to enhance your ensemble playing and to highlight the joy of chamber music. 

  • Practice sight-reading to enable you to learn new pieces of music quickly and independently.

  • Advise you on how to structure your practice sessions.

  • Introduce you to a variety of styles of music.

Photo © Susan Wilson

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