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Harmony & Hope: Responding to Violence with Music

Thank you to our collaborating partners:

Thank you to Clarissa Turner, director of Legacy Lives On, and the Code Listen Project: BPD Victim and Witness Resource Officer Marivelle Crespo, BPD Director of Multimedia Greg Mahoney, and City of Boston Artist-in-Residence Shaw Pong Liu for collaborating to bring the memorial posters to Harmony and Hope.

Join Shaw Pong Liu, violinist and Boston Artist-in-Residence at the Mother’s Day Walk for Peace for “Musical Memorial” on Sunday May 8th, 8:00am-12:00pm.

Along the Mother's Day Walk for Peace route we will be honoring and remembering family members lost to violence with large-scale photos and live music performances, in collaboration with Louis D. Brown Peace Institute and Legacy Lives On.

Please support these incredible organizations responding

to end gun violence in our community.

Louis D. Brown Peace Institute

Legacy Lives On

Isaura Mendes and The Bobby Mendes Peace Legacy

Operation LIPSTICK

Stop Handgun Violence

Brady Campaign Against Gun Violence

Massachusetts Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence

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