Harmony & Hope: Concert VIII Excerpts

In late 2015 I started designing Harmony & Hope. Like so many of us, I had been overwhelmed by the number of shootings in our country and felt that I needed to do something about it. Little did I know at that time that things would continue to get worse and that more people would lose their lives to gun violence.

May the music and words helps to ease your pain and anguish and help you take another deep breath.

Photos by Tara Diab

CONCERT VIII: The 8th concert of the day started with a speech by Fay Rackly in memory of her grandson, Kenneth Rackley and continued with music performed for cello duet with cellists Nancy Hair and Tim Roberts.

#ArtWeek #Cello #Celloduet #ChamberMusic #RiverviewChamberPlayers #LegacyLivesOn #HarmonyHope #Music4Peace #CodeListenProject #HealingMusic #Boston

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