ArtWeek event host and musician speaks on gun violence and what can be done to temper a seemingly ce

By: Emily Earle

These days, tumult and uncertainty increasingly take ownership of our daily lives. Issues of violence, specifically gun violence, are omnipresent and it’s often difficult to know how to help or reach out in support. Rebecca Strauss, ArtWeek event host, classical musician and Music Director of the Riverview Chamber Players, has found a way to break through that barrier through music and community. A part of ArtWeek Boston in the spring of 2016, Strauss organized a 12-hour concert, with different musicians taking the stage each hour, in support of victims of gun violence in the City of Boston and beyond. Titled Harmony and Hope: Responding to Violence with Music, Strauss had the seeds for the idea, but wasn’t sure how to get it on its feet. She then received an outreach email from ArtWeek, sparking the possibility for collaboration and connection. “Prior to creating my own program, I’d heard about ArtWeek events, had been to a couple and was thrilled that there was a focus on bringing the arts to forefront and making it more recognizable that there’s a lot of art going on in the city and beyond, in our greater community,” Strauss explained. “And at one point, I got an email that said you could apply for ArtWeek and I‘d been thinking about this event that I wanted to do and I wasn’t sure how to do it and I thought, ‘Well, maybe this could be an ArtWeek event!’”

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