Riverview Chamber Players: Connecting with Las Vegas

Riverview Chamber Players recently played at a beautiful wedding on Nantucket. The wedding couple was from Las Vegas. Only two days after their wedding there was a mass shooting in their town killing 58 people and injuring hundreds more.

Needless to say, I was horrified by the random, senseless, and cruel violence. My heart bled for all those who were directly hurt, who witnessed the horrors, and for those who lost loved ones. Then I remembered that the beautiful couple I just played music for was returning to Las Vegas to a town wrought with grief.

I quickly sent an email to them congratulating them on their marriage and inquiring about their wellbeing and that of their friends, neighbors, and colleagues. Thankfully, all are fine, but shaken.

The good news is that they told me that the community is coming together and everyone is helping everyone else and that the memories of their wedding was keeping their spirits up.

Even though Las Vegas is far from Boston, I felt a connection to the people there because of the wedding couple Riverview Chamber Players had just performed for. It only takes one small connection to realize that we are truly all in this together and that we have the responsibility to help others anywhere and anytime we can.

If you feel so moved, please consider donating to the Las Vegas Victim's Fund.

Rebecca Strauss,

Music Director

Riverview Chamber Players

Las Vegas Victim's Fund

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