My Heart Breaks

I'm feeling angry, sad, frustrated, overwhelmed, and scared. Why? I just heard about another school shooting. My heart breaks for the mothers and fathers of the children that were hurt and killed. My heart breaks for the classmates who were traumatized beyond imagine. My heart breaks for our country, unable to curb these ongoing violent acts. I'm saddened by the our inability to see, feel, and hear the true pain that may have caused the shooter to commit this heinous crime and for the pain hurled onto others by the shooters' violent actions.

I want to believe that we can do better and that we can create a safe and beautiful world for every woman, man, and child in this country. I want to believe that I have the strength to know that we are moving in a direction of equality, peace, justice, and compassion for all. However, right now I feel overwhelmed and scared.

Am I doing enough to make a difference? Am I participating in making this world a better place? Am I helping to ease the pain that I see all around me? Is my compassion enough?

If I dig really deep within, I find the answers bubbling up. The answer always comes up and the answer always is—your best gift to this world is to be truly authentic to who you are and to contribute to society from that place of authenticity. So from this place, I offer what I can, some music for healing. (see videos below) May the music help you breathe, believe in yourself and your gifts, and encourage you to take compassionate actions towards others in your very own authentic and beautiful way.

And to continue the healing, I invite you all to the Third Annual Harmony & Hope: Responding to Violence With Music concert.

Rebecca Strauss

Music Director

Riverview Chamber Players

#HarmonyHope #Music4Hhealing #StopGunViolence #HealingMusic #RiverviewChamberPlayers

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