Flash Mob Marriage Proposal: She said, "Yes!"

On March 29, 2019 Riverview Chamber Players performed this flash mob marriage proposal, in collaboration with Urbanity Dance, for Megan and her partner Caitlin. This is was a complete surprise to Caitlin, but her response was a resounding, YES!. The crowd erupted into applause and eyes filled with tears as friends and those attending the PAX East video game conference gathered around to witness the flash mob.

Megan asked us to perform "Eyes on Me" from Final Fantasy VIII, a song from this video game that was special to the couple.

The flash mob was coordinated by Heart Bandits, a marriage proposal planning company, and the video was shot and produced by iWedFilms.

You all brought my proposal vision to life! It was an experience that both Caitlin and I will treasure forever, and it wouldn't have been possible without Riverview Chamber Players.

All of the musicians were professional, talented, and elegantly dressed (absolutely nailed the aesthetic I was looking for). Rebecca, the music director, she is extremely friendly, welcoming, and all around a pleasure to work with. She responds to emails promptly and answers all questions with plenty of details; I never felt out of the loop or confused about anything. Overall, Riverview Chamber Players exceeded my expectations at all levels, and we will definitely be reaching out again to discuss options for the wedding!—Megan Hacker

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