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Rebecca Strauss, violist and Certified Music Practitioner

Rebecca Strauss,

Violist  and Certified Music Practitioner

I am a Certified Music Practitioner and perform live acoustic therapeutic music sessions for patients at the bedside creating a healing environment for those who are ill and dying.  I adapt the music to follow the needs of the patient in the moment, inviting the relaxation response to unfold.


I have performed therapeutic music sessions at the

VA Hospital in Brockton, Massachusetts specifically in the hospice, long-term dementia, rehab, and spinal cord injury units; and work in the ventilator unit and long-term rehab units at the Lemuel Shattuck Hospital in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts.

Virtual sessions via FaceTime, Zoom or other video conferencing platforms are also available for those recovering from illness, injury or trauma or for anyone else in need of comfort . 

Contact me to set up a therapeutic music session.

Therapeutic music session for patients in hospice:

“I want to thank you again for all your beautiful playing and your lovely presence at Sylvia’s side when she left us.  You were the angel that called to her and enabled her to leave us in perfect peace. And your playing at her funeral, and again your lovely demeanor, gave dignity and honor to the whole event. Rebecca, you gave Sylvia and all those who loved her, a precious gift.

“We will always be grateful to you.”—Susan


“Many, many thanks for so generously sharing your time and your talent to play soothing music for my mother (and for her 104-year-old best friend) this afternoon.  All the music you selected and played was not only soothing, but beautiful. Your rendition of Danny Boy was the most haunting one I have ever heard; the ever-so-slightly slower than usual tempo, just barely noticeable, made it especially touching.

“You gave a great gift to two very frail, very elderly, and very ill ladies.  Thanks again!"—Will

Virtual session for client with insomnia: "I really think the quality of my sleep was different. After the session, I fell right asleep and woke up with a different, smoothed feeling. I loved that you were playing live. It was such a gift. I felt the music directly reach me and got involved in the unknown melody lines, and their repeating, and the quality of your playing--it was indeed soothing. Simply put, it works!"

Patient in long-term rehab: Upon my entering the room the patient stated: "Oh, heaven is here.  I'm in heaven.” After the therapeutic music session the patient said: “I've never had a concert like this.  What a great day this is. Your music took away all the bullshit. I’m going to call you Doctor Viola!"


Patient in long-term care ventilator unit: “I count the days until you come.  I threw you a big hug, did you catch it?" 


Patient with dementia: “Beautiful! I feel like a million bucks!"

Patient in long-term care ventilator unit: “Rebecca, that sounds nice.  You know, when you are here it changes everything on the unit; everyone stops to listen. I just want you to know that the music is very therapeutic.”


Patient in long-term care: "This is one of the last pleasures I have left. Thank you so much for playing music for me.”